Sabrina’s Talk: “Community organizing as a tool for understanding needs, assets and opportunities for mission and social justice.”

Founder and Executive Creative Director of Short Speaks Creative LLC, Sabrina Short is known as the “Great Connector”. An unwavering passion for community and social justice, Sabrina brings people together with the goal of transforming the world. A former faith-based community organizer, she has worked closely with organizations across the country advocating youth leadership, discipleship and mission.​ With over 15 years experience in nonprofit management and program development, Sabrina’s work has been recognized nationally for youth-led social justice campaigns around education and health in New Orleans. Certified community developer through the Communities of Shalom at Drew University, Sabrina understands what it means to put faith to action.

A native New Orleanian, Sabrina moved home post hurricane Katrina to participate in the rebuilding of her city. She now advocates diversity and inclusion in the technology industry through her NOLAVATE Black Initiative. “It is important that we create spaces where everyone is invited, supported and included. We each have a divine right to live out our purpose and be successful doing what we love.” -Sabrina N. Short