Corey is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. She received her call to ministry at age 11 and foolishly thought sensing a call would never happen again. After graduating from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School with her MDiv and serving a small rural church for six years, Corey once again felt the Spirit’s… suggestion. While returning from the first UMC Next conference she was venting to God when the Spirit suggested, “Well, you could start your own church.” After much arguing Corey began planting Church in the Wild, an alternative spiritual community for those who, like her, feel closest to the Divine in nature. Church in the Wild is now celebrating its one-year anniversary of outdoor weekly worship. Corey lives with her spouse their 2 kids and 2 dogs in Windsor, NY. Besides spending time in nature, Corey is thoroughly enjoying the “Golden Age of TV” and Lizzo’s rise to music dominance.

Corey’s LEAD talk topic: The Patriarchy is ruining everything. But do we really know any other way to function? In Nature we find instructions for communal living.