Toska Medlock Lee is a strategic marketing communications with a career that spans to over 25 years. As a Dallas-based business owner, her marketing and communications firm, The Myriad Group has been called upon to drive innovative campaigns in the private sector, government, faith and non-profit and entertainment industries with a focus on media, cause marketing and community outreach and organizing.

Her ministry marketing and public relations work supports ministry efforts for the second largest denomination in the world; the United Methodist Church. Ms. Medlock Lee strategically develops and promotes ministry and congregational impact programs for various initiatives within the church, including Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, and ministries from across the country.

She is the lead event manager and content development specialist for the National Prison Summit on Mass Incarceration and Social Justice presented by Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, and her personal experiences have propelled her to the forefront with national and international ministries, pastors, bishops, elders and other leaders working to end the grind of mass incarceration and to engage local congregations around social justice, advocacy and reform initiatives.

Toska’s LEAD talk topic: I believe the best leaders are vulnerable. I learned that when I found myself parenting single when my children’s father was incarcerated.