Rev. Sarah Howell-Miller is a pastor at Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, NC and the Faith in Harm Reduction Program Coordinator with the National Harm Reduction Coalition. Sarah received her M.Div. from Duke Divinity School in 2012 and was ordained an elder in full connection through the Western NC Conference in 2017. She served at Centenary UMC as associate pastor and led an intentional community with the Missional Wisdom Foundation before joining the staff of Green Street UMC. In August 2019, Sarah completed an M.A. in Bioethics at Wake Forest University, where she wrote her master’s thesis on substance use, harm reduction, disability studies, and liberation theology. Sarah is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who performs regularly with Martha Bassett and friends. She and her husband Colin live with their 3 pit bull mixes in Winston-Salem.

Sarah’s Talk: “God Loves People Who Use Drugs”

Harm Reduction is a form of beloved community. Your church can dismantle stigma and support lifesaving work by and for people who use drugs.