I am a recovering church bureaucrat who has found a new mission calling. I am connecting a community of artists who are offering hope through their art from their hearts. I have seen the church’s old systems dwindling and I have watched (and maybe even contributed) as it has turned towards survival mode, rather than be focused on bringing hope for the communities we are called to serve. So, I’m bringing mission right back into our neighborhoods and looking for new ways to join the Holy Spirit in her action around the world. It’s entrepreneurial, it’s scary, and it keeps me up at night. But, I’m still filled with hope as I see the eyes of artists light up when they discover that there are people who care about their creations and what they are offering the world. That’s where I’m spending my time and energy and responding to God’s call for my life today.

Amy’s Talk: “From Hevel to Hope”

Millions of people worldwide have lost jobs, lost loved ones and lost their own souls in the midst of this global pandemic. Many, including me, have wallowed in despair, feeling like all is meaningless. Where is the hope that we are promised as people of faith? I’ve found new connections in a world beyond the church that are showing me glimpses of God’s kin-dom at work in spite of the church. I’m heading towards the hope being shared through the Holy Spirit and if the church chooses to join me, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn from people of hope, beyond the institutional church.