Ronald’s Talk: Lets talk about the realities of grieving while leading. As leaders that tension to hide our grief often leads to resentment and burnout.


About Ronald

I am so multifaceted, I’m round. I am a father, a husband, a writer, a musician, a pastor and a community leader. I love people, my greatest joy is helping others discover their identity through Christ. I see myself as a sort of holy matchmaker. I get to introduce broken people to a loving God for a living. I love it. I grew up as a stuttering, hyper, super-creative but often unfocused preacher’s kid. My experiences as a misunderstood child and young adult influence how I treat others today. Back then, I needed love, I needed a simple gospel that included me. I needed a gospel that welcomed and made room for me, but I didn’t get that. So, as an adult I attempt to create that same space for others. I heard a theologian say once that Paul’s letters draw direct lines to what it means to be Christian, while Jesus’ gospel teaching’s draw wide circles around what it means to follow him. I’m all for circles. That is who I am.