Michelle’s Talk: The willingness to collaboratively translate worship in spaces that people love & places where people are is critical for Church’s future.


About Michelle

Michelle Matthews is an inner-city high school English teacher turned pastorpreneur. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Old Dominion University, and, after switching careers, attended Duke Divinity for seminary. Having helped plant four other United Methodist new faith communities in Virginia Beach, VA and Durham, NC, Michelle is now the pastor of the Kingstowne Communion, a church plant that closed and relaunched in 2016 after a community trauma, and which exists now in its community – integrated and vibrant – to gather people into communion with Jesus Christ through courageous conversation, creative community, and collaborating for the common good. Michelle lives a simple urban-lite life in downtown Alexandria, VA with her husband of 12 years Chris, cat Chandler Bing, and schnauzer-mix Tootie Mae.