Dottie’s talk: Now is the time to dream a new Methodist movement. We can dream courageously instead of accepting incremental change.


About Dottie

As a pastor and former District Superintendent, Dottie currently serves at Catalina UMC in Tucson, Arizona. She has authored seven books, focusing on church renewal and creative worship.

Growing up on the border of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona, Dottie was shaped by a bicultural and binational context. A voice for immigrants, she serves on the Board of The Inn; is the Convener of Southern Arizona Border Care Network; and is Chair of The Hispanic Committee of The Desert Southwest Conference.

For Pastor Dottie, living a time of epochal change requires that the church find sacred ways to die in order to be reborn. She calls for church structure in decline and chaos to understand the pain of death that births the joy of resurrection. Dottie calls for “heretics” to lead the church forward and for edge-dwellers to bring their voice to the center. Now is the time, she says, for new leaders, edge-dwellers, to be at the forefront of church rebirth.

Worship, preaching, justice, mercy, and creating space for revolutionary change define Rev. Dottie’s work and passion. She is full of hope that the Spirit is leading the Church in the present into a new future.